About CRA™


These are interesting times for risk managers. Today, the world is more mindful of the relevance of risk management. Many businesses are constantly dealing to their risk department to assist in a wide variety of decisions.

Modern institutions have now to operate in global business environment filled with exponentially incrementing volatility and complexity. The interaction of many forces - social, cultural, political, financial, environmental, and legal - forms a landscape or topography of the organization and its value chain, which defies easy definition.

There are risks despite of whatever direction and activities are pursued. The key question is: "How can I fearlessly make major operational and strategic decisions in a way that develop the balance between opportunity and risk?”

To answer that question, you will need to construct a profiling model and risk mapping that relates evidently organizational performance with risk management.


Thus, the principal objective of the CRA™ program is to provide participants with the tools and methodologies necessary to conduct comprehensive assessment and mapping of risks profiles in projects and organizations in order to develop highly effective risk decision-makers able to identify, analyze and manage Risks and Opportunities to ensure optimal level performance level for their organizations.

The Certified Risk Analyst is a designation bearing professional qualification that proves that you have achieved a level of professional excellence in risk management theory and practice. During the program you will explore the background to risk management, investigate the latest trends in risk theory and examine how you can make your organization more risk aware.