CRA Program Testimonials

“I really like the way the instructor facilitates. He has a very broad knowledge in every business industry. I thought he was only good at financing but he has a good knowledge in geology. and I appreciate the way he talks about and relates to my presentations. I hope we can talk more and learn from him about his expertise.”

Barry Yap
Geologist, CTP Construction and Mining Corp

“The CrFA Program helps me to understand more on the key concepts of risk management and how I can use it in the future. The extra information and some general knowledge is worth noting. The key thing here is to use this learning to the Company I am or will be part of, by identifying all the risks and opportunities that the Company has, assessing and prioritizing the risks that have significant impact, accepting risks and opportunities that are within the risk appetite of the Company and coming up with ideas on how to mitigate the identified risks through control introduction and implementation.”

Keith Richard Mahilom
Asst Controller, EEB

“Many thanks to our speaker Mr. Doc Ligot, very knowledgeable and capable speaker, who knows his subject so well. Appreciated that he was able to conduct the class in a relatively lively manner despite the schedule. Congratulations and please keep inspiring!”

Rebecca M. Lim
Credit Risk Head, UCPB

“Risk Management is too broad and there’s still plenty to learn. I like how they used an organized approach to Risk Management to help better identify and manage it. I thank Sir Dominic for the personal sharings and insights on various topics and risks he encountered, it’s easier to recall the topic based on his sharings.”

Jeanette Morales
Credit Risk Officer, United Coconut Planters Bank