CRA Program Testimonials

“This program is very informative. It enhances my skills in risk assessment & widened my knowledge in risk analysis. Attending the program gives me the edge to be more efficient & effective as a Credit Risk Analyst.”

Cheryl Ann T. Manapol
Credit Risk Analyst
RCBC Savings Bank

“I feel more confident in identifying risks & in dealing & responding to these risks. The program gave me more confidence not only to do my job better but to help my team more forward in the organization.”

Maria Galia
Wells Fango
Financial Crimes Managers

“This program gave me a better perspective regarding financial management. It gave me the idea that analyzing risk is not that easy to implement because risk is an unfortunate event that cannot be avoided but can only minimize it up to the extent of not putting someone into the pitfall. It also gave me an opportunity to look objectively at my work and myself. Moreover, it presented new ideas and approaches in analyzing certain event that I have never realized and experienced. I gained useful knowledge which I can apply in my everyday living.”

Sanchez, Raymond M.

“This is a very good seminar for people who want to create value for their company thru risk analysis. It gave me new looking glasses to look thru our projects vigilantly.”

Francis M. Flores
Pricing Director
Qualfon Phil. Inc.

“CRA program helped me develop a deeper understanding of risk management in all aspects. The discussion and activities conducted by the resource speaker have been very beneficial because of new ideas and approaches presented. The seminar expanded and strengthened my abilities as Credit Risk Analyst.”

Arianne V. Vallesteros
Credit Risk Analyst
RCBC Savings Bank