CRA Program Testimonials

“This is a very immersive and interesting course. There’s a lot of learning that can be put together into practice into your own work or career. Great lecturer, very engaging speaker. Looking forward to any future seminars or training with you again as a speaker. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.”

Leomelyne Bose
Market Risk Officer, UCPB

“It was a fun learning experience. I really enjoyed listening to participants coming from diverse industries. Doc was able to translate theories/ concepts to real life scenarios which makes it easier to understand.”

Abigail To
Senior Manager, KPMG Philippines

“The Certified Risk Analyst (CRA) program specifically highlights the importance of accurate risk assessment and risk mitigation. To anyone who is interested in taking Certified Risk Analyst (CRA), I would highly recommend taking it in AAFM Philippines because they conduct fun quizzes and high quality lectures. ”

Julie Anne Dancel
Information Security/Risk Associate Consultant, Digital14 LLC

“The CRA program is very helpful especially in my line of work. Doc was able to explain the concepts well and his real life examples and case studies helped a lot in gaining more understanding of the topics. I had fun doing the case studies as well as the kahoot challenges. Also, it is interesting to hear ideas from a diverse group of professionals.”

Karen Mae P Flores
Risk & Compliance Specialist, APAC

“This session will surely aid me in my risk management engagements in the future. ”

Danica Jamel C. Magtibay
Manager, R.G. Manabat & Co. (KPMG Philippines)