CRA Program Testimonials

“Sometimes companies tend to forget that risk assessment is an integral part of the business activities of the company. I took this program to understand risk management so that I can prepare for my upcoming project with treasury which requires me to assess risks, mitigate those risks by creating controls to address it, prepare BCP for our department and share ideas I learned to my colleagues in PMFTC. I encourage you guys to attend because program promotes participation from participants, gives you insight of risks, BCP, developing risk management, risk assessment activity & risk response. This is a unique program not only, applicable for finance but also for entrepreneurs.”

Ryan Carlo A. Dela Cruz
Senior Internal Controls Analyst

“What I’ve learned in two days is similar to investments that I have gain huge amount rather than losses. New ideas learned from the program is like “Leverage” Finance term, in which the educational value are the insights and knowledge of the lecturer, as well as the shared experiences of the participants, which can be distributed in the different aspect – particularly in my work because handling accounting works, also involve risks, Especially in disbursements and cash management.”

Josephine Galaus
Senior Bookkeeper
American Bar Association

“The program is very informational, very structured, sufficient enough to give a naive person appropriate immersion in risk management”

Danny Dave N. Belaca-ol
Planning & Budget Mgmt. Supervisor

“The program provides a comprehensive end-to-end view of risk management principles applicable to both financial and non-financial institutions. Good foundation for aspiring CROs and enterprise leaders.”

Dominic Vincent D. Ligot
Head of Global Risk Analytics
ANZ Global Services and Operations

“Thank you to the speaker for the new learnings. I’ll definitely have good use of the techniques you’ve provided in quantifying IT Risks as part of the IT Risk assessment process I’m currently implementing.”

Judy A. Ancheta
BCP & IT Risk Officer
Chinabanking Corp.