CRA Program Testimonials

“Risk Management topic is my dream training ever since. I finally learned the details and information of understanding, evaluating and developing an effective Risk Management. Now, I can leverage and use it on my current position as IT Security Analyst. I can now provide a good risk analysis and presentation to the Stakeholders. Thanks to AAFM for the great experience and opportunities.”

Ronaldo D. Citra
APAC IT Governance Analyst
AIG Shared Services

“The training on Risk analysis has interesting topics. I learned more on understanding risk and identify it within the organization. It is very useful skills to determine the negative on positive impact of risk to the organization. Understanding risk will give you opportunity to perform appropriate risk responses.”

William D. Dayrit
OIC Accounting Dept.
City Government of Makati

“I have no idea with the CRA Program until my boss told me about it. I felt nervous and somewhat excited because the content of the modules seem very interesting.

The program is a good guide in identifying, understanding and handling various situations that involved risks that the company might encounter. It enhanced my analytical skills, particularly in the matter that should be considered in risk management.”

Jenny Rose Santiago
Accountant III
City Government of Makati

“The program/training is very relevant to my job as a risk management specialist of LBP. The topics were well explained by giving actual/practical examples for better appreciation and understanding. Thank you. More Power.”

Maila O. Reyes-Ababan
Risk Management Specialist II
Union Bank of the Philippines

“Thank you for initiating the CRA Program in the Philippines. Being in the risk management unit – being offered for a certification is really relevant.

We recommend the other risk practitioners to take this CRA Program.”

Rowell L. Correa
Risk Management Specialist
Land Bank of the Philippines