CRA Program Testimonials

“The program made me aware of the importance and extent of risks that the banks should be aware of and command mitigate given the ever changing challenges of the banking system. Which is affected by internal and external factors and given the fact that bank is the most leanly regulated industry by regulators.”

Angelito D. Adonis
Chinabanking Corp.

“The CRA Program was informative and confirmed my ideas regarding risk management. A good venue and delicious food was a good addition to the learnings. I have gained.”

Derick Angelo T. Duron
Senior Staff 2 Risk Engineer
EEI Corp.

“The CRA Program was successful in conveying to the participants the importance of having a very good grasp of enterprise wide risk management. Essential skills and information were also well highlighted. There were plenty of new learnings especially from the financial institutions.”

Harry A. Salas
Senior Finance Manager
United Laboratories, Inc.

“Outstanding course content. Ideal for risk analyst and professionals.”

Michael A. Machica
Managing Partner
Machica Tan-Cruz & Co.

“The CRA Program has been able to provide fresh ideas and practical applications on Risk Management.”

Riolita B. Barrantes
Risk & Compliance Specialist
United Laboratories, Inc.