CRA Program Testimonials

“The 2-day course was an intensive and comprehensive program. For a professional with no experience in risk management, I was able to gain knowledge on the basic concepts of Risk Management.”

Aisshia Nassrin E. Karim
Actuarial Analyst
Tower Watson

“I have learned a lot from this 2-day Risk Analyst Training though 2 days don’t seem enough. The speaker and materials and the over-all program became an effective tool for understanding risk management which I can definitely apply to my current job.”

Cherry Ann A. Nava
Risk Management Assistant
Langdon & Seah Asia Co. Ltd. ROHQ

“The whole program was very informative and it helped me become a well-rounded finance professional.”

Earl Anthony T. Pagatpat
Former VP-Audit & Compliance

“This is a very useful short term course/seminar that equips attendees with much learning.”

Rhea R. Salonga
Risk Management Assistant
Langdon & Seah Asia Co. Ltd. ROHQ

“CRA program is an intense program that widens our knowledge on different types of risk. Here you will learn on how to manage risk and you will also associate risk is an opportunity as well. This program is highly recommended not only for risk practitioners but as well as new in the industry. This program will lead you to a better understanding risk as a whole.”

Aldrich Sy Carag
Markets Officer
ANZ Bank Group